July 11, 2019

On Coaching Networks, Zoom, and Series A Signaling Effect

June 19, 2019

By Vic Singh, Founding General Partner at Eniac Ventures

At Eniac, our criteria for evaluating investments in seed stage startups has evolved over the years. While the founding team remains the most important criteria, we also consider large markets, traction and potential to build large moats as important criteria.

In this post, we wanted to share our thinking on one of the core criteria — the moat — and help founders demystify this a bit more. How we think about moats is likely different from other investors so we are hopeful that our thinking here will help founders understand how we look at opportunities and maybe spark some thinking about your own startup trajectory. We seek to invest in opportunities where enduring moats can be built and sustained over time to create transformational companies.

June 2, 2019

Advice on how to get media to pay attention, build relationships and what goes into a story 

By Caitlin Regan & Nihal Mehta

Supporting our founders with media relations and helping them build relationships with top tier journalists has been a core differentiator at Eniac. Over the years, we’ve learned some very useful advice that every early-stage founder should have in their playbook when preparing for a launch, an announcement or starting to think about PR.


May 30, 2019

On reimagining the role of the LP in Venture, perspective on IPOs and advice for new funds

In this episode, Beezer speaks with Eniac Partner Nihal Mehta on the genesis of OpenLP, a community effort she spearheaded to foster greater understanding in the entrepreneur-to-LP tech ecosystem, as well as the fundamental role of an LP in venture, their relationship to partners and how they want to ensure they are bringing value to the funds beyond just capital.

April 15, 2019

On doubling down with the NYC tech community

Jenny Fielding is the newly appointed Managing Director of Techstars, an organization helping entrepreneurs grow their companies through a process of programming, mentorship, and funding. She has been involved with the organization for the past 5 years, working with the former MD Alex Iskold.

Jenny also is the Founder and General Partner of The Fund, a community successful New York City founders and operators supporting the next generation of NYC-based entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Jenny sits down with Eniac Founding Partner Nihal Mehta to discuss Techstars and The Fund, along with her major plans to double down on their commitment to the NYC tech community, partner with local organizations that promote inclusivity.

Jenny addresses the role of New York universities can play in shaping the mindsets of entrepreneurs and founders and why she recently began teaching at Columbia University as an Adjunct Professor on “Venturing to Change the World.” She speaks to how her class is helping open the minds of students that might otherwise not have the exposure or the support to take an entrepreneurial track – namely women – and get them involved in the growing NYC tech community.

Jenny also shares her thoughts on Bad Blood and what she looks for in founders, as well as her favorite podcast

April 4, 2019

On lessons from her time working with Obama, Capital G & Slack

Sarah Cannon is a Partner at Index Ventures focused on investing in consumer businesses. She has had an unconventional path to venture, starting her early career by working in Ghana and as a Policy Advisor on the National Economic Council at the White House during the Obama Administration.

In this episode, Sarah sat down with Hadley Harris, Founding Partner at Eniac Ventures, to share how she went from Ghana, the White House to CapitalG, what led her to join Index in 2018 and why she got into an argument over open source the first time meeting a partner.

Sarah speaks to her time at Capital G, how she supported the India launch and the breadth of her work across Oscar, Multi-Plan with Hellman and Friedman, and Looker. She also discusses what she is seeing across the future of work industry and the bottom-up approach to productivity tools and its effect on the unbundling of Microsoft.

Sarah also digs into the disaggregation of work into the gig economy from her perspective as an economist, the opportunities she sees across vertical marketplaces and her interest in new tools to serve this new class.

Sarah shares what it is like to work with Danny Rimer, his thesis on authenticity, her time as a Board Observer at Slack and valuable lessons she’s learned from Stewart Butterfield about building a disruptive product and rethinking customer service.

March 18, 2019

On the early days of AdMob, a call from Steve Jobs and the secret sauce to Sequoia’s success

Omar Hamoui is a Partner at Sequoia Capital, arguably one of the most well-known VC firms in the world, with investments in some of the biggest names, including Dropbox, WhatsApp, Xoom, Square, Evernote, InstaCart to name a few.

In this episode, Omar sat down with Nihal Mehta, Founding Partner at Eniac Ventures, to share his story on building AdMob, one of the most successful mobile ad networks, how it caught the attention of Steve Jobs and Sergey Brin and what it was like being acquired by Google.

From being a serial entrepreneur, Omar also discusses his move to VC, the core values of Sequoia and what it is like behind the scenes.

He opens up about the most challenging parts of venture capital, the long feedback loop and why it is a “low ego” job. He also shares his most used app – and it might surprise you!

March 14, 2019

We are excited to announce that we’ve co-led a $2.6M Seed round in ProdPerfect with our friends at Fika Ventures.

By Hadley Harris, Founding General Partner

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Dan, Erik, and team around their vision of building a fundamental company in the testing space. Based on their revenue growth rate of 40% month over month, they’re off to a great start! Over the last few years we’ve been looking at companies in the software testing space, but hadn’t found a company that possessed the right combination of team, vision, and solution. That changed when we met Dan and Erik. We’re excited to partner with them around their vision of building a fundamental company in the testing space.