Black Lives Still Matter.

Nihal Mehta

Post by Nihal Mehta

On June 1, our firm Eniac Ventures publicly shared the following.

Since June 1, using no charge-appointments on Superpeer, Eniac Ventures booked 375 virtual meetings with Black founders, and successfully completed 168 so far.

As a firm that values diversity immensely, we realize that venture capital is not a meritocracy, and the best ideas of Black founders, founders of color and women, are often inhibited, not encouraged or empowered. We also realize through our own journeys that access to networks, knowledge, and capital helped us build Eniac Ventures to what it is. We are paying it forward. We are committed to helping underrepresented founders with whatever they need. Over the past months we have helped with pitch deck construction, understanding market landscapes, introductions to potential customers, introductions to crowdfunding resources and pre-seed investors as they get early businesses off the ground, and of course creating investment opportunities with Eniac directly.

We remember as founders of startups ourselves, that sometimes founders just need a new pair of ears to listen to their pitch, and reassurance they are on the right track, or maybe the direct feedback that helps them get on one.

Overall we’re proud to do our tiny part in helping make venture capital more equitable. We have a long way to go, but we intend to keep working at it. We’re currently working on a project to more directly contribute to the economic empowerment of Black communities, please reach out if interested in learning more.

In the meantime, we’re keeping our lines open on Superpeer and hope to chat with you soon!

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