Join us tomorrow for Eniac’s Annual General Meeting

Nihal Mehta

By Nihal Mehta and Anthony Ha

The team at Eniac Ventures will be (virtually) hosting one of our biggest events of the year on Tuesday, May 24 — yes, that’s tomorrow!

Just as we did last year, we’re treating the 2022 edition of our Annual General Meeting as something more than a presentation for our limited partners. Since the AGM will be online, we’re opening it up to the larger tech community — in other words, anyone who’s interested in stories, advice, and conversations about the broader state of the ecosystem featuring from some of our most impressive founders, plus other notable guests.

The public portion of the AGM will consist of a single packed hour of panels and interviews, including:

All of this content will be archived and available for anyone who wants to catch up after the event. But of course, the best thing to do is join us when it all kicks off tomorrow at 2pm Eastern. Register now, for free, on Eventbrite.

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