Meet Eniac’s new VP of Finance

By Anthony Ha

We’re excited to share that Rifki Zable has joined Eniac Ventures as our new Vice President of Finance!

Eniac has been doing a lot of hiring over the past year, and bringing Rifki on-board is a crucial piece of becoming a bigger and better (but still scrappy!) firm. She brings two decades of finance experience to the role, including seven years as the VP Finance/CFO of RRE Ventures, followed by a stint as Director of Finance at Level Equity.

“The way I see it, Eniac itself has a similar lifecycle to one of our startups,” she told me. “At the beginning, you don’t have as much infrastructure and you have a smaller group of investors, but just like a startup matures, a venture fund matures” — so she’ll be helping us take a more professional and mature approach to our finances.

Readers may know that Eniac’s four co-founders all met while undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania. It turns out Rifki graduated from Penn the same year — she doesn’t recall crossing paths with Hadley, Nihal, Tim, or Vic, but it’s clear that joining Eniac was her destiny. Plus, as a lifelong New Yorker, she shares the team’s love of NYC.

Rifki’s excited to be back in the early-stage venture world, and to be working with everyone at Eniac — not just the partners, but also all the smart, talented junior members of the investing team.

Outside of work, she’s the mom of two kids, and in her not-at-all-copious free time, she enjoys swimming and reading.

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