Meet Eniac’s newest team member: Sofia Badalamenti

By Anthony Ha

The Eniac team has grown again, with the addition of Sofia Badalameti, who will be working as chief of staff to Eniac co-founder Nihal Mehta.

Sofia comes from a family of entrepreneurs. It’s even something she studied at the University of Richmond — along with her B.A. in Rhetoric and Communication Studies, she minored in Entrepreneurship and Journalism. Her experience wasn’t limited to the classroom, either: While in school, Sofia also started a successful quesadilla-making business that quickly cornered the market on feeding hungry college students.

Alongside her passion for entrepreneurship, Sofia cares deeply about social impact. She was able to bring both interests together through her work at IFundWomen, an organization connecting women entrepreneurs to funding. While there, Sofia has done everything from streamlining operations to producing the IFundWomen Show podcast, serving most recently as strategic business operations lead.

Sofia’s long-term career goal is advance equity across the funding landscape. At Eniac, her first big project will involve working with Nihal to build out Eniac’s network. It’s something we re-launched last year, and we take pride in providing meaningful introductions to founders even when we don’t invest. But there’s still more work to be done when it comes to adding structure and processes, with the ultimate goal of truly democratizing access to the network.

Sofia lives in Manhattan’s Financial District. Outside of work, she enjoys yoga and spending time with her dog Brady.

Welcome, Sofia!

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