We’re re-launching Ask a Seed VC — send us your questions!

By Anthony Ha and Claire Rafson

Longtime Eniac friends and followers may recall that we started an advice column last year called Ask a Seed VC, where we did our best to answer real questions about fundraising and entrepreneurship.

Our columns covered everything from pitching VCs without a warm introduction, how to answer market size questions about a nascent industry, how much to spend while trying to find product-market fit, how much to try to raise, what it means when investors say you’re “too early” for funding, and whether you should approach seed investors for pre-seed funding.

After that, the column lost some steam as we focused on other projects. And without new posts to remind readers that we’re still here, we stopped getting as many questions.

But we still think Ask a Seed VC is a good idea, so we’re bringing it back! Once again, we’re happy to answer any questions that you might want to ask an early-stage investor.

We can talk about pitching, valuations, term sheets, and anything to do with fundraising (Eniac invests at the pre-seed and seed stages, but we also spend a lot of time helping our portfolio companies raise a Series A), as well as anything else during the early days of the startup journey, like finding product-market fit.

And while Anthony and Claire are the ones spearheading the revived column, they won’t hesitate to draw on the expertise and experience of the full Eniac team for their answers. You can send your questions to advice@eniac.vc, or reach out to us individually via social media. Two rules:

  • Do not pitch us through this account! We have separate channels for that, so any fundraising pitches sent to the advice mailbox will be deleted.
  • Please specify whether you want us to include your name and your startup’s name if we write about your question. It’s fine if you’d rather remain anonymous — in fact, if you don’t specify, we’ll assume that’s what you want.

All right, ask away! Here’s the address one more time: advice@eniac.vc.

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