Why we invested in Glystn

Nihal Mehta

By Nihal Mehta

We’re excited to share the news that our portfolio company Glystn has officially launched its community engagement engine, along with announcing $4 million in funding from Eniac, Precursor Ventures, Hannah Grey VC, and Future Perfect Ventures.

Glystn leverages AI to help online creators manage their communities. It integrates with existing social media platforms, providing those creators with an actionable summary of all their comments and messages, and it even automates elements of engagement and monetization.

We first invested back in 2021, and although the company has evolved over the past two years, founders Ethan Fassett (CEO) and Mike Rowehl (CTO) have remained focused during that time on supporting creators who need to manage their audiences and monetization across multiple platforms. We expect that those needs will only grow as the media landscape fragments and as generative AI spurs the creation of exponentially more content.

But our bet on Glystn was really based on our confidence in the founders. With his past experience across mobile gaming, podcasting, and wearables, we believe Ethan is well-positioned to understand the creator economy. And this is the third time we’ve backed Mike — I was an angel investor in Admob (where he was the first tech hire), and Eniac also invested in Metaresolver, which was acquired by Millennial Media.

It’s been an honor to work with Mike again, and we can’t wait to see what he and Ethan do next!

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