Why we invested in TrueFoundry

Hadley Harris

By Hadley Harris

We’re excited to share that TrueFoundry has announced its $2.3 million seed round, which we co-led with Sequoia India.

As always with Eniac investments, a big part of our conviction comes from the impressive founding team. We were introduced to Nikunj Bajaj, Anuraag Gutgutia, and Abhishek Choudhary by Ashish Nagar (founder of another Eniac portfolio company, LevelAI). The three of them attended the India Institute of Technology Kharagpour together, and they founded a previous startup, EntHire, which was acquired by InfoEdge last year.

Two of them also worked at Facebook/Meta (Nikunj as an ML Tech Lead, Abhishek as a software engineer for mobile products and live video), where they saw the company’s sophisticated pipeline for testing, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models. Since most companies can’t invest in ML the way Meta does, they saw a huge opportunity to build similar tools for everyone else.

Specifically, TrueFoundry integrates with existing ML stacks to automate more repetitive tasks, such as infrastructure and deployments, allowing the data scientists and engineers on ML teams to focus on higher value work.

Like TrueFoundry’s team, we believe that in the future, companies will not be spending so much engineering bandwidth on a machine learning platform layer. Instead, they’ll start with a streamlined system that also supports multi-cloud from day one. Every ML developer will be able to present their model to the entire world in a matter of minutes. Machine learning will be where compilers are today.

It’s also worth noting that the company reflects a growing trend that we’re seeing in our portfolio — startups headquartered in the United States (San Francisco, in TrueFoundry’s case) while also maintaining a large presence internationally. For TrueFoundry, that means they can build a formidable engineering team by tapping into the massive talent pool in India.

We can’t wait to see where Nikunj, Anuraag, and Abhishek take TrueFoundry next!

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