Got fundraising questions? Ask a Seed VC

Monica Lim

As we announced in the latest Eniac Ventures newsletter, we’re launching a new feature called “Ask a Seed VC.” It’s a simple idea: We know that the world of early-stage startup funding can feel opaque and confusing, so we wanted to create a little more transparency about how it all works.

Eniac’s partners have already been sharing their tips via platforms like Twitter and Clubhouse, but those conversations can be difficult or impossible to track down afterwards. With Ask a Seed VC, we’re aiming to share knowledge that’s useful right now, but that a future founder could also read and learn from if they’re facing the same problem a year from now. Plus, it allows you to tell us what your biggest questions are.

That’s also why we’re leaving the potential topics pretty vague — the point is to hear from you. Got questions about your founding team? Your pitch deck? When to raise funding? Send them our way and we’ll do our best to answer in a future post. This is also open to folks who aren’t founders themselves. Got a question about how to break into seed-stage VC? Yep: You can send it our way.

Email all your Ask a Seed VC questions to Please note that messages that are just unadorned requests for investment will be ignored. And specify whether or not you want us to include your name in the post!

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